Collection: Black History/ Juneteenth Collection

This collection is to show off our pride and history and where  we can now celebrate freedom and equality. There are some really special and important messages in these designs. Some of these are purchased and some are designed by me. If there is something specific that you would like send me a message in the contact us tab in the menu section or at the bottom of the page.

Product details  

-Made To Order

 -These Shirts Are Polyester/ cotton blend (Unisex)

 -Hand Bleached/ Dyed/ Pressed

 -Some Designs will be Print and some Designs will be vinyl.  It depends on the design and color shirt you are wanting.

 -Every Shirt Will Vary On How They Bleach And Or Dye

 -Fabric Dye Is Used. Recommended to wash alone first wash.

 -Care cards are included with each order. Please adhere to wash and care instructions to keep vibrancy and optimize life of product. Just like any apparel, this will help keeping your design from fading or distorting.

Note: If you do not follow care instructions your garment will lose Vibrancy and/ or be damaged.

 -My current processing time for orders that will be shipped is 7 to 14 business days.

 **There are no returns**  Please see our refund policy

 There are times where a certain shirt color is sold out and I am unable to get. If this happens I will message you.

Colors, sizes, and quantity vary on hand.

 We can either choose a different shirt color or I can order it.