About Us

Pink Innovations caters to thoughtful shoppers who appreciate unique designs and top quality pieces that are just hard to find anywhere else. We are constantly curating fresh new collections and looking for the next big thing our customers will love. All products are handmade to order. They are printed and pressed by me. Some of these designs are also by me. There are also some that I have purchased. We also offer Bleached apparel. Bleached apparel and splatter distressing will vary from shirt to shirt. No two shirts are the same. Image colors will vary slightly due to your device color settings.

We started building in 2018 and was slowly building clientele and trust. Learning and trying new things. We are proud to be your local custom T shirt and Gift Shop that you can rely on to make your visions tangible. You can rely on our expert Service, Care, and Attention to detail. 

It all started as a hobby and interest in making creative and personalized gifts for my children then once I started showcasing my work I had people wanting to get something for themselves and we just continued to grow.

The name Pink Innovations was inspired by my nickname and favorite color "Pink." and "Innovations" was because I loved to take two things that already exist and just make something new and creative out of it and the fact that I'm always looking to improve on things and make things unique is what drives me. I've never been one to just blend in with others or "follow the crowd"  I embrace being unique and I have a hard drive to succeed and love to see others succeed as well and make others feel better.

I know to some this may just be items to some people but when you turn an everyday item into something that has value, meaning, and worth that's always a good thing. I've always loved gifting and being gifted something that was personal not just something that you could go into a store and buy off the shelf so this inspires me to give that option to others as well.


Peace of mind

 Ultimately, it's all about being happy with your product knowing that you'll stand out and that we can make that happen. We Also have a print it right guarantee. See our Return Policy for details.