Frequently Asked Questions

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!

Our customer obsession has allowed us to continue delivering the excellent customer service we are known for over the past 3 years. Our numb'er one goal is making your custom apparel come out exactly how you want it. Whether it's help with your design, with adding new garments, or simply with specializing your order to your needs, our support team can help make it happen. This focus on customer satisfaction has made Pink Innovations known for its custom apparel. 


Do You Offer Returns or Exchanges?

Sorry, We do not offer returns or exchanges. We are not liable nor responsible for items damaged in the shipping process. We are a Custom Shop so our orders are made specially for you so we do not accept returns. If you have a problem with your order please contact us Via E- Mail at orders@pinkinnovations.com We will do our best to resolve the issue. We do however offer a print it right guarantee. Your product will be printed the exact way that it is sent to us so please be sure to double check your spelling and details. If there is a mistake on our end we will reprint it for free. See our return policy for more details.

 Do you Offer Personalization? How should I add that?

There’s a text box located on the product page that you are looking to purchase along with an icon for an image upload. You may upload your own custom image and/or text. There is a text field that you may type your details in. If there isn’t enough room then go ahead and submit your order but take note of your order number. There is a “Contact Us” form located at the bottom of the page or you may get to it on the menu location. Please include your order number, your email address used to purchase your custom product and as many details as possible. If there is any doubt we will contact you prior to production with a digital proof to make sure you are satisfied with the design prior to purchase. If you would like a proof prior to production anyways then just ask if we will provide you a proof with your design.

Is there a Minimum order?

No. We proudly work with everyone from single individuals and mom-and-pop shops, to some of the world’s biggest and best companies, organizations, and groups.


Is there a Maximum Order?

There are not limitations to bulk orders. Although, Processing times will differ depending on the order so please be sure to put in your order as early as possible so that we can be sure to meet your deadline. Which they include the following: All orders are non-refundable, There needs to be about a three to four week notice for orders over 10 pcs. availability date will also depend on orders that are scheduled already and whether inventory is on hand or if it needs to be ordered. Some exceptions will be allowed based on Company decision and demand. Please E-mail Company at PinkInnovations@yahoo.com to see availability options.. Rush Fees May Apply. Whether you’re looking for 1 garment or 1,000, we’re happy to help and will do our best to accommodate for your needs. We will do everything we can to make it happen.

Do You Have Discount Coupons?

Yes, We offer Coupons and Discounts Throughout the Year. Please Subscribe to See the latest Arrivals and any promotional offers that we have, and exclusive discount codes.

Do you need immediate help with your order?

Contact us at pinkinnovations@yahoo.com, or you can simply click on the contact us form located at the bottom of your screen We will assist you as soon as we can.


What are your hours of operation?

Your life runs 24 hours a day, so do we. Even when we're not live, you can always reach us via email, and we'll reply as soon as we can. You may always complete your orders online and email us details if needed.


How does your pricing work?

You want clear and concise pricing without any hidden costs, fees, or fine print.

We made the process simple because life is complicated enough. As of right now total are posted on the product. We will eventually look to reducing cost there are five things we consider:

1.  Quantity

2.  Ink Colors on Front/Back

3. Printing Method

4. Designing

5. Availability


How Quickly Can I Receive My Order?

You’re on a hard deadline and you need your shirts yesterday, We get it. We will start immediately processing your orders to get it to you as soon as possible. We process orders 7-14 business days after receiving payment so that we can ship it to you asap.

If you need your gear today or tomorrow, we’d love to help make it happen—email live chat with us now. We take a lot of pride in being able to say we offer faster turnaround times than anyone in the industry, and when we say we'll get the job done, we mean it. Extra $25 priority fee will apply. Also check with carriers on shipping methods at checkout.

Delivery times are not included in processing times.

We know how much it means to you we cannot guarantee your delivery date. Pink Innovations is not responsible for delivery times, fees, or handling. Due to Covid 19 USPS, UPS, FED EX, DHL, and other carriers are in high volume. Please check with your carrier for more information delivery details.


 Where are you located?

We are proudly stationed in BentonMississippi.

Can you ship outside the contiguous U.S.?

Currently, we only offer shipping inside the US. If you need to arrange shipping outside the contiguous US, please feel free to reach out to us via email or live chat now to discuss options. 


Are your prices in Canadian dollars?

At this time, all prices quoted on pink are in USD. However, if you’d like to place an order and aren’t sure about currency conversion, we are happy to help answer all your questions!  email, or live chat now!


Do you offer products made in the USA?

Yes! But we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of quality, sustainable, organic, and even U.S.-made goods.

If there’s a brand or garment you’re specifically looking for but don’t see on our website, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re always expanding our catalog, and if we don’t have it listed there, we can most likely get it.

For more information, please browse our catalog.

How does your sizing work?

Sizing varies from brand to brand and garment to garment, but roughly 90% of the products on our website run true to size. For products that tend to run a little large or small, we always make sure customers know what to expect and how to order appropriately.

We offer Apparel for all ages Infant through Adult 5XL. If Sizes are needed above that please contact me and I will try to get it for you.

If you still have any questions about a specific product, don’t hesitate to chat


Can I order a sample?

Of course! Picking the right product to print on is a critical aspect of the buying process.

If you want to look at a couple samples before you purchase a bulk order you are more than welcome to order 1 of each style to try before bulk orders. Regular price does apply. We do offer discounts on bulk orders.

Note: To make the process seamless as possible, know the style number of the products of which you'd like samples.

How can I add custom names and numbers to my design?

Adding names and numbers to your design is simple there are text boxes on the products you can choose to upload pic(s) and text. If additional info is needed, please email us with your order number, Name, Email, and details needed for your order. you may choose to send additional photos if necessary. Orders cannot be changed or canceled once payment is submitted so, please verify that all information is correct prior to submitting. We are not responsible for misspelled words that are sent to us spelled incorrectly.

When you select your product, click the “Personalize” tab.

Can I print trademarked materials?

Unfortunately, that's a big no! We'll go to the moon and back for our customers, but knowingly printing trademarked materials is highly, highly illegal. We love you, but not enough to do hard time! That said, every customer is responsible for ensuring the originality of their design, and we accept zero liability for the printing of trademarked or copyrighted materials. We do not take responsibility for obtaining permission to reproduce logos, trademarks, and copyrights. By agreeing to print any artwork submitted, we will not be held liable for any copyright on infringement issues under any circumstance.

If you're having trouble figuring out a design,or want to create something inspired by a design or look you saw elsewhere, our graphic artists love a good project and are more than happy to help.

Can I use the clipart and fonts found in your software for other things?

Unfortunately not, those are not necessarily our property we just have the license and/or approval to use them for our company. We have a purchase/ and or relationship with some designers that allow us to use their artwork.

I want to put a design on the back is that possible?

Yes, In the text dialog box just specify what part of the design or if you want the entire design on the back.

I want to print on a sleeve. Is that possible?

One of our favorite parts of this job is being able to make your wildest design ideas come to life. Sometimes, that means stepping outside the printing box and setting up special guidelines.

If you want to print somewhere outside of the standard front and back print areas, it's no problem: Finish the rest of your design, and before checking out, give us a chat. We will go over the details and make the necessary changes.

We’ll pull up your order, make the necessary art changes, and even send you a final proof for your approval before the order goes into production.

Am I able to select a Font?

Yes, you are able to select a font. Please note text font desired in the text box, or You’ll go to the text dialog box and click on the drop menu arrow to display the multiple fonts just select the font you wish to use and viola.

Can I select different styles/sizes of garments in the same order?

This is easily one of our most frequently asked questions, and the answer is: Yes, of course!

For sizing, you’ll be able to select the sizing after you’ve selected a product, once you put in your size you'll be able to select color and then customize your design.

From there, you can select from a variety of different styles—everything from short sleeves and polo shirts, to tank tops, Long Sleeves and crewneck sweatshirts. If you do not see an option you want please send us a message through the contact us card. We can custom order for you.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help make it happen! Give us a call.


I’m having trouble viewing /uploading my file. What do I do?

Sometimes our software is particular about the image type and size. Try uploading as a png or jpeg. If this still does not work then simply email us the design along with your order number, contact information, and details regarding your order to contact@pinkinnovations.com

How do I find a saved design?

Every single design is attached to an email address. Whether this is your first time ordering from us or your hundredth, all your designs can be found under your customer profile attached to the email address provided. 


Is there any way that I can just send someone what I want and get a quote?

Absolutely, just go to the “Contact Us” Form located in the menu section or at the bottom of the page. Please include as many details as possible or either you can contact us through fb messenger just go to the bottom of our page and click the Facebook icon and it will take you directly to our page. Then just select the message icon. You may also email us at contact@pinkinnovations.com  Please include as many details as possible including location how many items and type of items that you’ll need etc.. We will reply as soon as we can.

Do you currently have any promotions available?

We’re always doing whatever we can to make our products more affordable for our wonderful customers. If you’re ever looking for promotions, check our homepage!

You can also message us on Facebook, as well as email, or Live Chat with us to find out for sure. 


Will I get a chance to see my artwork again before production starts on my order?

If this is a specifically requested design no. If this is a design that we are collaborating together with to create or just a basic themed image requested by you then yes we will show you the design prior to production. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of sending the email we will begin processing your garment as shown.

Can I add multiple shirt colors to the same order?